What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Are you a Bootstrap Tortoise, Asset Fox or MBA Hare?

  1. In your business, your competitive advantage is
  2. As a young person, were you more likely to:
  3. In starting a new venture, you'd rather:
  4. You have a talent for:
  5. You are most attracted to a role model's:
  6. You value:
  7. In business, you believe the most important thing is to:
  8. What's most important to your business

30 Minutes with an Entrepreneurial Hero

Get answers to hard questions you've been wanting to ask. These entrepreneurs are busy, so get on their calendar, be clear with your objectives and be ready to learn.

Interview your hero

Express Your Gratitude

Inspiration, direction and insight often comes from others for entrepreneurs. Taking time to thank these life-shaping individuals is an essential part of the hero's journey.

Make Your Hero a Legend